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Jeremy Beeler, Founding Father (Mu Theta 1)

Jeremy is a dual major in Sociology and Geography, and has minors in Women's Studies, Pan-African Studies, and History. He has also been Mu Theta's President, Vice President, and Secretary. He is a Head Resident Assistant in Scranton Hall. His career goal is to graduate IUP and enroll in a graduate program for Student Affairs in Higher Education.

Greg Hoffman, Founding Father (Mu Theta 2)

Greg is an Elementary ed major, Age 23, Senior. Some Interests are: volleyball, music, piano, steel drums, videogames, children, teaching,and many other activities.

Joseph Mull Jr., Founding Father (Mu Theta 3)

Joe is a junior music performance major with a voice concentration. He splits his time between doing productions with the theater department, being a resident assistant, and holding office in the chapter. As a founding father, Joe has been President, Vice President, and is currently the Illumination Director. He is also chairing the social, illumination, and homecoming committees. After graduating he plans to "have a long and successful career doing music theater."

Matthew Simmons, Founding Father (Mu Theta 5)

Matthew is a Senior Communication Media major, and Sociology minor. He is a Head Resident Assistant in Lawrence Hall. He is currently the Secretary of Phi Mu Delta, and have held this position for three semesters. He also has held the positions of Rush Director, and Illumination Director. His career goals are to attend graduate school for Student Affairs in Higher Education.

Sean Hower, Founding Father (Mu Theta 6)

Sean is an accounting major. He is currently the President of Mu Theta. He has also held the position of Treasurer. Sean is interested in reading and writing. He likes fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Clive Barker is his favorite author. He is a fan of "Good rock music" such as Tom Petty.

Joseph Fetters, IFC Representative (Mu Theta 8)

Major of Music Education

Will Foran, Vice President (Mu Theta 9)

Inside of school I am a sophomore with a dual major in political science and history. Besides being vice president of the mu theta chapter I am an RA as well as involved in Student Congress and the University senate. I also hold down a part time job at the local McDonald's. Outside of school I am interested in sports especially golf. During the summer i work at a local boy scout camp as an area director. I reside outside of the city of Pottsville PA.

Dave Horsh, Rush Director (Mu Theta 10)

I'm a junior Psychology major with minors in Soc. and Anthro. I am involved in Bacchus of IUP, Advisor to the Towers Area RHC. I'm also Rush Chair, and I'm also co-illumination director.

Randy Johnson (Mu Theta 13)

No information available at this time.

Scott Marshall, Seargent At Arms (Mu Theta 14)

I am a senior Music Ed. Major with a concentration in violin. I play violin in the IUP Symphony orchestra. I play Alto sax in the IUP Marching Band, Pep Band, and the 28th Infantry Division Army Band. I am a member of Phi Mu Delta (Duh), First Vice-President of Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity (Delta Sigma chapter), PCMEA (Pennsylvania Collegiate Music Education Association).My webpage is

Mario Mueller, Treasurer (Mu Theta 15)

No information available at this time.

Aaron Dymond, Corresponding Secretary (Mu Theta 16)

No information available at this time.

CJ Welshans (Mu Theta 17)

No information available at this time.

Scott Werner, Junior IFC Representative (Mu Theta 18)

I am dual major in Business and Sales Marketing. My hometown in Erie PA. I am currently the Junior IFC Representative to Mu Theta. I am also on the Formal, Rush, and Homcoming committees. I will soon be an RA at IUP as well. I am 19 years old.

Krista Boyer, Phi Mu Delta, Mu Theta SWEETHEART!

I'm double majoring in Psychology & Child Development/Family Relations. I am a member of Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity and the PA Army National Guard Band. I play flute, saxophone & sing both here at IUP and in the Army. I love little kids and Disney World. I want to be a preschool teacher someday (but just until I get my PhD in Psychology!). I've been in the IUP Marching band for four years and absolutely love it! I grew up in Pittsburgh PA and am planning on moving to VA or somewhere more south after I gradute in May 2001. I have two younger sisters -they're 20 years old and fraternal twins.