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Daniel Majewski -Secretary-

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Indiana University of PA
122 Esch Hall
Indiana, PA 15705
United States


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Phi   Mu   Delta   Mu   Theta

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Colonized on December 8, 1996
Chapterized on August 8, 1998
Phi    Mu    Delta    Officers

President: William Foran
Vice President: Joseph Fetters
Secretary: Daniel Majewski
Treasurer: Randy Johnson

For further information contact:
Phi Mu Delta Fraternity
104 Pratt Hall
Indiana, PA 15705
Or E-Mail us!
William Foran -President-
The Brothers of Phi Mu Delta have taken the initiative to shatter the stereotype created by other fraternities. Through charity work and service projects involving the campus as well as the community, Phi Mu Delta's members showcase their caring and compassion as well as their knowledge and interests. So whether you are looking for a group or a fraternity that suits you, or you are not sure if Phi Mu Delta is right for you, drop us an E-Mail. We promise, you'll be glad you did! There isn't another fraternity on the IUP campus like Phi Mu Delta.

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